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Help choose the Island Light 2013 calendar cover

We've looked at so many photos while picking the images for this year's calendar that we're becoming quite cross-eyed trying to answer the final difficult question of which image goes on the cover.

Because of this, and because we of course have emotional attachments to all our photos and are therefor lacking the Third-Party Objectivity required to make this important decision (which will likely have deep and lasting consequences, such as whether we sell a total of 25 calendars or a total of 27), we've decided to take a democratic approach and out-source our decision making to YOU!

(Plus, we've read an interesting book recently that tends to indicate that you all will make a better decision than we would, even if we weren't besotted with our own photos, which we clearly are.)


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Thanks to everyone who participated!

Posted on 2012-11-30

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