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Finding Killdeer

I knew that there was a killdeer nest in the north field. When I walked nearby  the mother put on an elaborate and very convincing charade of having a broken wing, only to gracefully burst into the air with perfectly healthy wing beats once I had been lead away from her eggs.

Killdeer in a Meadow of Morning Dew ~ Plover picture from Cortes Island Canada.

There are always killdeer nests nearby here, but even when I walk right over them, they are extremely hard to spot. After  exhaustively crisscrossing the area on tiptoe, trying to find the nest without stepping on it, I climbed a Douglass Fir and waited with binoculars aimed.

Two days later I was laying on my belly in the wet grass, my camera sticking it’s face though a hole in my new “blind” (a tiny piece of scrap bender-board screwed down to a ceder slab), watching the mother and father killdeer take turns incubating their eggs.

Mother Killdeer ~ Plover picture from Cortes Island Canada.

Posted on 2014-01-01

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