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Show Times

There are a few new and exciting (to us) developments here at Island Light that you may be interested in.
One, we have just started Photo Drop, a weekly photo delivery service. This means that once a week we pack our laptops into the canoe, paddle to the dock, lug them up the hill to Mansons Landing (we have no Internet aboard ship) and try to decide which photo to send out. Later in the day you get a friendly personalized note in your Email saying that you have just received a photo dropping.

The other (even more exciting) development is that we just opened our very first exhibitiion. We have spent the last two months hoarding our pennies for the (massively expensive) picture frame order that finally arrived last week. We spent most of the weekend practicing our signatures and tediously signing all the mats. But we suddenly felt our feet getting rather chilly so we spent the rest of the weekend erasing them all again. They are now happily hanging on the walls of the Float House restaurant, the archival cotton rag mats only showing very slight signs of having been... Ahem... You know what.
Posted on 2007-09-03

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