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The Island Light Calendar Story - 2013 edition

Island Light 2013 Engagement Calendar

Thank You!

A special thanks to all the Photo Drop members who helped pick the winning cover for this year''s calendar!
We, as usual, almost didn't make a calendar this year because, as usual, we thought we really hadn't taken quite enough good photos for it. (We knew we'd taken A LOT of good photos, but they all seemed to be photos of trees and hummingbirds, and you can only put so many hummingbird photos in one calendar before people start asking questions.)

As usual, we did make a calendar. It was a highly dynamic process, with the usual festive debates about what photos to include (occasionally evolving into wrestling matches), cacophonous familial focus groups,  lost shipments (our entire press run got sent to the MV Tachek by accident) and all-night proofing sessions.

When it was all done our many friends and relations, as usual, announced that this year's calendar is "really great" and definitely the best one to date.

As usual we remain unsure, but since most of the print run was sold before they were even printed (and the rest are going fast), there is some evidence that an Island Light 2013 Engagement Calendar might be worth having after all.

You can find out for yourself about this here calendar on our web site.  And, as usual, if you happen to buy it and aren't 100% perfectly satisfied and thrilled with it we will of course give you a total refund.

Click here to find out more about the calendar or place an order.

Have a great festive season and see you in 2013!

PS. Please note the quotes from our wonderful mother on the calendar page. If you would like to have your comments about the Island Light Calendar (or some other topic) featured on our website, please send them to us!
Posted on 2012-12-12

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